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Fat Burner

Muscle-sparing fat loss support for exercise and fasted training*


Designed for Performance

Stimulates fat-splitting enzymes and fat-burning hormones*

Increases energy expenditure for peak calorie-burning during exercise*

Optimizes hormones that drive metabolism and muscle growth*

Helps regulate blood sugar, appetite and fat storage*

Preserves lean muscle mass during fasted and non-fasted training*

Helps burn more fat than exercise alone*

Healthy for Daily Use

Designed to control weight in conjunction with diet and exercise*

Stim-free thermogenesis; made to minimize typical burner side effects*

Advanced nutrient forms Forslean®, Capsimax®, BioPerine®*

Plant-based, prebiotic-infused Plantcaps® from pullulan (fermented tapioca)*

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100% Natural
Synthetic Additive


HMB (ß-Hydroxy ß-Methylbutyrate),
1000 mg

Training in a fasted state has been suggested to accelerate both the breakdown and metabolism of stored fat. The downside: Fasted training may also degrade lean muscle mass.

Beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate (HMB) is a metabolite of the branched-chain amino acid leucine that is Performance Lab® Sport Fat Burner’s featured nutrient for optimising fasted training results. HMB is suggested to help by:

  1. Neutralising muscle-damaging enzymes that are generated during fasted training;
  2. Enhancing muscle strength and maximal oxygen consumption while delaying lactic acid onset, helping to optimise physical performance and endurance in a fasted state;
  3. Promoting muscle growth by directly increasing protein synthesis within the mTOR pathway;
  4. Encouraging the body to preferentially use stored fat as fuel instead of muscle tissue during calorie restriction.

HMB naturally supplies a balanced combination of muscle-sparing, muscle-building and muscle recovery bioactivities that may support lean muscle mass in conjunction with training, especially high-intensity interval training and cardiovascular exercise on a calorie deficit.

Research has linked HMB supplementation with lower levels of 3-MH, which is a marker of enzyme-induced protein degradation:

HMB (ß-Hydroxy ß-Methylbutyrate)
HMB purity

About Performance Lab® Sport Fat Burner HMB:

Our HMB (ß-Hydroxy ß-Methylbutyrate) is sourced from a leading global supplier and undergoes rigorous quality testing to verify purity and potency for superior HMB muscle benefits.

Coleus Forskohlii (as Forslean®) (standardised for min. 10% forskolin),,
250 mg

Coleus Forskohlii is an Ayurvedic root herb that is the only natural source of its primary active ingredient: Forskolin.

Forskolin activates the adenylate cyclase enzyme that increases production and intracellular concentration of cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP), a signalling compound that may help to promote desirable body composition by:

  1. Optimising hormonal cell messengers that regulate metabolism, thermogenesis and anabolic muscle growth, including thyroid hormone and testosterone;
  2. Activating the enzyme protein kinase, which stimulates lipase to catalyze the breakdown of triglycerides: The building blocks of body fat.
Mechanism of action of Forslean

Coleus Forskohlii’s synergistic, multi-pathway activity is suggested to help minimise body fat while maximising lean muscle growth – supporting optimal body composition and the peak metabolic function that helps maintain a healthy weight.

Coleus Forskohlii

About Forslean®

Forslean® is an advanced form of Coleus Forskohlii standardised to supply a minimum of 10% active forskolin. Forslean® is patented for shifting body composition away from fat and in favour of lean muscle, and has been shown to be safe, well-tolerated and effective in multiple clinical trials.

Researchers have linked supplementation with the Forslean® used in Performance Lab® Sport Fat Burner with significant reductions in bodyweight and significant increases in lean body mass:

Cayenne Pepper Extract (as Capsimax®) (standardised for min. 2% capsaicinoids),
50 mg

Cayenne pepper supplies active ingredients called capsaicinoids that are responsible for the pepper’s fat-burning effects. Among other bioactivities, capsaicinoids activate the sympathetic nervous system to release catecholamine hormones (epinephrine and norepinephrine) from the adrenals.

In Performance Lab® Sport Fat Burner, cayenne’s pro-catecholamine activity may assist with healthy weight management because catecholamines have been shown to:

  1. Stimulate beta adrenergic receptors that signal for cells to increase energy expenditure, helping to maximize calorie-burning during exercise;
  2. Signal for hormone sensitive lipase to promote fat breakdown (lipolysis), fat mobilization and fat oxidation before and after exercise

Cayenne peppers’ capsaicin is also notable because its metabolic effects are achieved without stimulants or related side effects, such as increased heart rate and blood pressure.

Cayenne Pepper Extract (as Capsimax®)

About Capsimax®:

A highly active extract standardised to 2% capsaicinoids, Capsimax® supplies chilli peppers’ active ingredients for weight control in buffered OmniBead™ microspheres, which delay release of cayenne’s nutrition for absorption in the lower intestine – a step that eliminates the oral and gastric burning sensations that are sometimes associated with hot peppers.

Creatine (Creapure® pH10)

Catecholamine + cAMP Synergy for Lipolysis:

Catecholamine-induced lipolysis appears to be more pronounced in visceral fat, in part due to the lipolytic activity of cAMP. Together in Performance Lab® Sport Fat Burner, Cayenne’s pro-catecholamine activity and Coleus Forskohlii’s pro-cAMP activity are intended to combine for superior lipolysis performance in visceral fat tissues.

Black Pepper Extract (as BioPerine®)(Standardised for min. 95% piperine),
2.5 mg

Black pepper extract supplies an active ingredient called piperine. Considered a thermonutrient, piperine is suggested to assist with weight control by:

  1. Optimising thermogenesis, thereby increasing energy expenditure;
  2. Promoting efficient food metabolism, including enhancement of nutrient absorption;
  3. Inhibiting adipogenesis, the formation of new fat cells.
Cayenne Pepper Extract (as Capsimax®)

About BioPerine®

Performance Lab® Sport Fat Burner’s BioPerine® black pepper extract is a premium form standardised to supply a minimum of 95% piperine. Raw black pepper supplies between 3-9% piperine. BioPerine® is the only form of black pepper that is patented to increase the absorption, bioavailability and utilisation of nutritional compounds, as well as the only form shown to be safe and effective in multiple clinical trials.

Take Performance Lab® Sport Fat Burner to burn more fat than with exercise alone, especially during fasted training.


Stack Performance Lab®
SPORT Fat Burner With:

Whole-Food Multi

Whole-Food Multi

Performance Lab® Whole-Food Multi supplies NutriGenesis™ nature-identical B-complex vitamins that are necessary for the metabolism of fats, along with core vitamin and mineral essentials that support protein synthesis and muscle health. Performance Lab® Sport Fat Burner adds on many more exotic layers of metabolic, muscle preserving, fat-burning and performance-enhancing nutrients.

Together, Performance Lab® Whole-Food Multi and Sport Fat Burner provide complementary support for lean body composition achieved with healthy fitness and training programs.

1 Box of Performance Lab® Energy (60 Capsules)


Performance Lab® Energy’s support for ATP energy production complements Performance Lab® Sport Fat Burner’s Forslean® forskolin, which works together with ATP to optimize metabolic performance.

In addition, Performance Lab® Energy supports whole-body vitality on a cellular level, which may help with the low energy and diminished performance that are sometimes associated with fasted training.

1 Box of Performance Lab® Sport BCAA (120 Capsules)


Performance Lab® Sport BCAA helps maintain amino acids in muscle that are depleted by intense workouts – countering exercise-induced muscle breakdown in a separate but complementary pathway to Performance Lab® Sport Fat Burner’s HMB. Sport BCAA is also an important foundation supplement for multiple aspects of muscle growth and function, supplying valuable nutritional support for the unique muscle demands of fasted training.

Together, Performance Lab® Sport BCAA and Sport Fat Burner help to build and protect lean muscle mass and desirable body composition.

1 Box of Performance Lab® Sport Pre-Workout (120 Capsules)


Performance Lab® Sport Pre-Workout promotes energized gym training, endurance training, cardiovascular exercise performance, muscle recovery and muscle development. Performance Lab® Sport Pre-Workout’s performance support may be particularly helpful during fasted training, since exercising on an empty stomach may diminish physical vitality.

Performance Lab® Sport Pre-Workout’s muscle-energizing support dovetails with Performance Lab® Sport Fat Burner’s capacity to promote muscle growth and preserve lean muscle mass during fasted training. Together, they promote the exercise intensity and lean muscle mass that help to maximize body composition results.

1 Box of Performance Lab® Sport Post-Workout (120 Capsules)


Performance Lab® Sport Post-Workout’s benefits for muscle repair and recovery complement Performance Lab® Sport Fat Burner’s muscle-preserving support during intense training.

Taking Performance Lab® Sport Post-Workout after a fasted exercise session reinforces Performance Lab® Sport Fat Burner’s support for muscle, adding growth and development factors that increase lean muscle to further promote a peak performing metabolic state.



Who should take Performance Lab® Fat Burner?

Performance Lab® Sport Fat Burner supports all weight control programs that include healthy diet and regular exercise. Performance Lab® Sport Fat Burner is customized, however, to optimise the fat-loss and muscle-gain results of fasted training.

What is fasted training? †

Fasted training refers to training on an empty stomach. Some research suggests that while in a fasted state, the body burns more fat during exercise. Fasted training has also been suggested to preferentially promote lipolysis in areas of stubborn visceral fat, such as around the abdomen in men and hips and posterior in women. These fat loss benefits may be attributed to fasting’s impact on insulin levels.

When food is consumed, blood sugar (glucose) rises. Insulin is released from the pancreas to manage this blood sugar, helping to convert it for immediate energy and store it (as glycogen) in muscles, fat and the liver as energy for later use. As part of these post-meal functions, insulin increases fat formation of fat while “turning off” lipolysis (fat breakdown).

After food is digested, the body enters a post-absorption state: Blood sugar and insulin levels both return to baseline because the stomach is empty. Exercising in this fasted state creates high energy demands, but the body has no glucose to use as fuel. Instead, during fasting the body burns through its glycogen stores – including visceral fat – to produce energy.

Possible drawbacks of fasted training include a reduction in exercise intensity and increased susceptibility to muscle and protein degradation. Performance Lab® Sport Fat Burner is designed to optimise fasted training results while minimizing these potential fasted training drawbacks.

Fasted training should only be done under the close supervision of a healthcare professional.

How do I take Performance Lab® Fat Burner?

For best results take 2-4 capsules 15 minutes prior to training.

How should I take other Performance Lab® supplements during fasted training?

Performance Lab® Sport Pre-Workout and Performance Lab® Energy stack well with Sport Fat Burner, and may be taken 45-60 minutes prior to training. If training fasted, Performance Lab® Sport BCAA should be taken intra-workout or post-workout only, to avoid breaking your fast. Other Performance Lab® supplements should be taken post-workout to best optimise the fat loss benefits of fasted training.

Is Performance Lab® Sport Fat Burner safe?

Like other Performance Lab® supplements, Performance Lab® Sport Fat Burner is designed to be safe for long-term daily use, without the need for cycling. Performance Lab® Sport Fat Burner achieves this by using pure, potent ingredients that are dosed appropriately and in line with clinical research. Performance Lab® Sport Fat Burner’s clean formula design – free of GMOs, gluten, soy, colorants, preservatives and other additives – is also well-tolerated by the body, and safe for long-term use. Performance Lab® Sport Fat Burner avoids the use of caffeine and stimulants, further strengthening its safety and tolerability profile.

Why is there no caffeine in Performance Lab® Sport Fat Burner?

Some fat burner supplements supply caffeine and other stimulants, which may promote weight loss but may also be accompanied by side effects related to blood pressure and heart rate. Performance Lab® Sport Fat Burner is stimulant-free by design. Instead of caffeine, Performance Lab® Sport Fat Burner enhances metabolic performance via non-stimulatory pathways. Performance Lab® Sport Fat Burner is formulated to promote fat burning in a way that is safe and well-tolerated.



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Cayenne Pepper

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Black Pepper

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